Aari continues to shoot despite his mom's demise

Mar 4, 2017 JB

Aari after Nedunjaalai and Maya is busy shooting for Nagesh Thiraiarangam which is being shot at a film theatre set up in Dindivanam which was as exact as the script demanded. That’s when he heard the passing away of his mom.

Director Mohamed Isaq says on this, “We were about to complete. It was the last day of our schedule when we came to know the shocking news that Aari's mother passed away that early morning. The whole team was stunned with shock and tears. It was a double call sheet and we had to complete the sequence because of the highly expensive sets and budget.

Our producer asked Aari to leave immediately and that the shoot could continue later but the most unexpected reply from Aari sent goosebumps to all of us. He told- “Our producer has been investing with nothing but trust on us. So let's not make a loss for him. I will not go until the shoot is complete, it's a promise”. His dedication to cinema would take him to great heights. Aari sir is a rear and unique gem”. Click the Movie button below for more info:
Nagesh Thiraiarangam

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