Acting is still my first love: Gowariker

Sep 26, 2014 NR

First love is difficult to forget, and it seems to be the case with film-maker Ashutosh Gowariker, who started his career as an actor with Ketan Mehta's "Holi".

Now a well-established director, he confesses "acting is still my first love" and that he awaits an apt role to sway him off direction.

"If I am offered a very good part, which will woo me away from my direction I will do it because somewhere I feel acting is still my first love", the director, who started his stint in showbiz as a model for Close Up Toothpaste and Lifebuoy soap, said in an interview.

Before venturing into film-making with "Pehla Nasha" in 1993 and giving hits like Oscar-nominated "Lagaan" as well as historical magnum opus "Jodhaa Akbar", Gowariker showed his acting skills on both small and big screens, which included classic TV shows "Kachchi Dhoop" and "Circus".

"After acting, I discovered direction. There is limitless creativity in direction and I'm still exploring that, but I feel that if I get an interesting part and I have free time from movie-making, then I would do it", said Gowariker, who was part of films like "Chamatkar" and "Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa".

His idea about the "right role" is "a strong character to which I can do justice and which can leave an impact".

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