Actor Aari to start a new program for assistant directors

Jul 5, 2016 JB

Transforming an assistant director to director is the main goal of Aari's 'AARIMUGAM' Company. Aari of Maya and Nedunjalai fame has started his own company named 'AARIMUGAM' - A Grooming Workshop and the Gateway for all Assistant Directors.

About his initiative, Aari says, “Sets of film loving youngsters are heading towards Chennai with a lot of dreams. But unfortunately, they are facing huge struggles to get an assitant director chance. Only after their long journey as AD, they get an opportunity to direct a film, that too after years. For those struggling youngsters, I have planned to give a chance for directing a film through my 'AARIMUGAM' Company.

He says that he would conduct a grooming workshop and afterwards the participants would give in their ideas to the jury who will shortlist 10 from them. This shortlisted candidates will be asked to do a short film for which all assistance would be given by Aari’s company.

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