After 18 years, Vikram and Sriman come together

Apr 14, 2017 JB

Sriman is a character artist who was seen in many films and has been praised for his performance. He was known for his role as Vikram’s friend in Bala’s Sethu. And now after 18 years, he will be working with Chiyaan in Sketch which is being directed by Vijay Chander.

Reminiscing about his good old days, Sriman says, “I know Vikram even before Sethu as we met in Kala Master School of dance. I used to teach him dance and he used to train me in acting. We used to be like brothers. Sethu is an important film in both our careers.

Now after so many years, we have again united. I should thank Vijay Chander for this opportunity. This is a good role for me. Vikram has not changed one bit in these years. I used to call him Kenny and even now I do that. The shooting of Sketch is happening in the same place where we shot Sethu. So we both were filled with nostalgia”. Click the Movie button below for more info:

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