Aju Varghese in a new look in 'Two Countries'

Oct 9, 2015 NR

Aju Varghese is loved by Malayalee audience for his boy-next-door image and for his light-hearted, situational comedy dialogues and mannerisms.

This same Aju is seen in a novel get up in the upcoming movie ‘Two Countries’ directed by Shafi. Aju is seen in a look with a thick beard.

His character in the film is named Avinash. He will not be in this look in the whole movie. But what is the secret behind his new bearded look arouses curiosity.

Dileep plays the lead role in this movie scripted by Rafi. Mamta Mohandas is the heroine. ‘Two Countries’ is produced by Rajaputra Ranjith. The shooting of the film is in progress.

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