Akshara Haasan changes religion

Jul 29, 2017 JB

Kamal Haasan’s younger daughter, who claimed herself to be an atheist, is reported to have changed her religion to Buddhism. This was disclosed by the light eyed actress during one of her promotional interviews for her upcoming film, Vivegam.

Having heard this, dad Kamal too to his official microblogger to tweet, “Hi. Akshu. Have you changed your religion? Love you, even if you have. Love unlike religion is unconditional. Enjoy life. Love- Your Bapu”. To this Akshara replied, “Hi bapuji. No, still an atheist. Although I agree with Buddhism as it is a way of life and in an individual’s way of life”.

The tweets have stirred up a buzz in the digital world when people were wondering why the dad-daughter duo is talking to each other in a public social platform. At this juncture, it has to be recalled that Akshara’s elder sister Shruti is very religious and had recently visited the Golden Temple in Amritsar. Click the Movie button below for more info:

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