Akshay Kumar likes being out of comfort zone

Jan 19, 2016 IANS

New Delhi: That he's a fearless man is something that Akshay Kumar has often proved with his ability to perform daredevilry for his films. But the atcor says he also likes to challenge himself as far as his roles are concerned.

Akshay, who often juggles between different genres, does not prefer to stick to characters which are in his comfort zone.

Known for his 'Khiladi Kumar' image courtesy his action avatar, Akshay has also tried his hand at films like “Baby”, “Brothers” and “Holiday: A Soldier Is Never Off Duty”, which he feels get him out of his comfort zone.

“I keep on changing myself all the time. I want to enter my comfort zone and then want to go to more challenging places. 'Singh is Bliing' and 'Housefull' are in my comfort zone, but 'Airlift' is not. Even 'Baby' was not,” Akshay said here on Monday during the press conference of his forthcoming film “Airlift”.

“Next, I'm doing a film like 'Rustom'. Also, I'm a part of 'Robot 2' where I'm playing a negative part. So I like doing films in my comfort zone and then I go on to try something different. Like there is 'Brothers', which had mixed martial arts. It was the hardest film I've ever done. That's what I keep on doing and I love it,” Akshay added.

The “Namastey London” actor, whose real name is Rajiv Om Bhatia, says he doesn't feel comfortable when he's given different monikers.

“I'm both Rajiv and Akshay. I don't like people tagging me with other monikers. I'm Rajiv for my mother and Akshay for the audience,” he said.

Directed by Raja Krishna Menon, "Airlift" is based on the evacuation of Kuwait-based Indians during the Iraqi occupation in 1990.

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