Ankle injury made Julie Andrews miss 'Wolf Of...'

Apr 8, 2014 IANS

London, April 9 (IANS) Veteran actress Julie Andrews had to turn down a role in he 2013 release "The Wolf Of Wall Street" because she was recovering from an ankle surgery.

"The Sound Of Music" star was offered a small part in the film that would have given her the chance to lock lips with leading actor Leonardo DiCaprio. However, Andrews was recovering from ankle surgery at the time the movie was being filmed, and so the role of Aunt Emma went to Joanna Lumley instead, reports

Andrews told Britain's Birmingham Post newspaper: "I've had problems for a long time with my ankle, after I twisted it many years ago. With general wear and tear it got worse, and eventually it just had to be taken care of. I was finding it very hard to walk, I was hanging on to anything I could find. I didn't like what I saw for the future.

"So, I had the operation nearly two years ago. I'm fully recovered now, but I wasn't over it when I got the 'Wolf of Wall Street' offer. I would love to have been part of the film but I couldn't, alas.

"It was a really tough choice but I didn't feel up to it. I was still having a hard time getting about, so very regretfully I had to decline the offer. I'm sure Joanna Lumley was fabulous in the role," she added.

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