Arjun Rampal's wife Mehr is his biggest and most honest critic

Feb 2, 2015 NR

Actor Arjun Rampal has a perfect partner in wife Mehr, who gives him "brutally honest" feedback on his movies.

Arjun, who is awaiting the release of "Roy", which hits the theatres a day before Valentine's Day, told IANS: "She (Mehr) is brutally honest sometimes...too brutal when it comes to reviewing (my) films."

That's also a reason why Arjun seeks her feedback.

"When you make a film, you get so close to it that it's like your baby and your perception comes to an end. It's nice to get a fresh and new outlook to it," he said.

Arjun and Mehr were supermodels of their time. While Arjun moved into films, Mehr has stayed away. But if their daughters Mahikaa and Myraa wish to step into daddy's shoes, why not, says Arjun.

"It's their choice. I will not say 'no' because the film industry is a wonderful place. Acting is a wonderful profession, and if they want to do it, I will support them," he said, and added that his daughters like to visit him on a film set sometimes to see what goes behind the making of a movie.

"Both of them are quite intrigued by it. It feels good," said the doting father, who believes parents should be friends with their children.

Talking about himself and Mehr, he said: "I don't think any of us are strict. Today we have to be friends with our children because if you make an issue of something, then the children will do it. And if they start hiding things from you, things may get worse sometimes." Click the Movie button below for more info:

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