Arya seeks bride for marriage

Nov 22, 2017 JB

It is a known fact in the Tamil film industry that Arya is the most eligible bachelor besides Vishal. He has created his own matrimonial site, where the women who are interested in marrying him can share their details with him.

In a video message shared on his Twitter page, Arya assured people that it was not one of his pranks and requested them to take it seriously. He says in the video, “Last week a video of me discussing my marriage plans was let out by friends. They did it without my knowledge as a prank. But, everything I said in that video is true. Usually, people look for their life partners in their workplace or find them through friends, relatives or matrimonial sites. But, I’m not like that. I don’t have any big demands or conditions. If you like me and think that I’d be a good life-partner to you, please call me at 7330173301. Don’t think it is a prank or a joke. It is my matter of my life. Please call me. I’m waiting for you”.

When the above number was called, a pre-recorded voice of Arya thanks the caller. And an auto-generated text message is sent to the callers with a link to the personalized matrimonial site of the actor, http. It is also learnt that this is for a marriage reality show

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