Arya sent back to Chennai from Kumbakonam

Mar 14, 2018 JB

Arya, the popular Tamil actor is participating in a reality show for a Tamil TV channel where he is searching for a suitable bride for himself. As a part of this, he and the TV crew went to Kumbakonam where he was to meet a prospective bride.

The entire crew was lodged in a hotel when there was a lot of commotion in front of the hotel. Upon enquiring, it was found out that there were a few women’s groups who were protesting against the program and also Arya. There were slogans which asked Arya to get out of Kumbakonam.

Not wanting to take a chance, Arya and the crew returned to Chennai without meeting the bride. The entire shooting schedule has been disrupted because of this. It is not clear if this specific bride will be met by Arya later.

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