Aspire to make the best film of my career: Subhash Ghai

Jan 26, 2017 IANS

Mumbai: Filmmaker Subhash Ghai, known for iconic films like "Saudagar", "Karma", "Ram Lakhan", "Taal" and "Pardes", and more in a career spanning more than four decades, now wants to make his best film.

At a conference on the tenth anniversary of his Whistling Woods International school here on Tuesday, the 'showman' of Bollywood, said: "First, I am a writer-director and I aspire to make a film that can be regarded as the best film in my career. This is a big challenge which I have thrown to myself."

"Slowly I am aging and this challenge is becoming tougher for me. But I am working on a subject and very soon I will be announcing my next project," added the filmmaker who turned 72 on Tuesday.

Ghai feels nowadays new-age filmmakers have more opportunities to showcase their talent.

"Today, the one who wants to become a filmmaker can show his talent through a short film. They can shoot a film from the mobile and can upload it on YouTube. Therefore, there are so many chances for today's generation. I believe that a filmmaker who is able to make a good short film, has a great chance to make a feature film too," he said.

"At present, we have so many technologies, but you only need to tell a good story."

Among recent films, Ghai is particularly impressed with Aamir Khan's "Dangal".

"I liked 'Dangal' because this is my kind of movie. We call this format as 'Pan Cinema', where target audience can be a kid or an older person. A film should deliver a message, have emotions and which can show a direction. 'Dangal' did that. It doesn't have a star cast, it has a great characterisation. Even Aamir who is a superstar portrayed a character," he said.

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