Baahubali footage leaked and the man responsible nabbed

Nov 23, 2016 JB

One hundred twenty second video of Baahubali 2 war sequence had been leaked online recently from the edit table. Reports suggested that the video was unprocessed without CG works. It went viral too.

But the Baahubali technical team was prompt enough to block all the leaked videos for the moment.

Later on in the day, the person responsible for this was nabbed in Hyderabad. It was reported that the cops have arrested the man behind the leak. The suspect who goes by the name Krishna is a video editor who works in Baahubali 2 graphic designing team. He apparently had nine minutes of the footages in his possession. The cops have recovered the complete footages from him and have supposedly taken him to their custody. It is sad to note that people working in the same team indulge in such trust defying activities. Click the Movie button below for more info:
Baahubali: The Conclusion


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