Baburaj in female attire

Sep 24, 2014 NR

Baburaj who entered the industry as a villain has later shifted to comedy roles and proved that he can do comedy roles even better. Now in an upcoming movie he will be seen in a completely new attire.

Baburaj is seen in the attire of a woman in the upcoming movie ‘Tamaar Padaar’. Baburaj has posted the photo of the same on his Facebook page and is receiving interesting comments.

Baburaj wears a pink saree with golden border, ornaments, flowers on the hair, and bindi on ‘her’ forehead and thus becomes a Malayalee woman in all looks.

Baburaj plays a street acrobat named Jhumber Thambi in this movie. ‘Tamaar Padaar’ directed by Dileesh Nair casts Prithviraj in the lead role. The film also has Chemban Vinod and Srinda Ashab in pivotal roles.

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