Balloon director clarifies on his speech

Dec 21, 2017 JB

Sinish Sridharan, director of the horror thriller Balloon had recently spoken at a promo event of the film about giving credits to inspirations in the title.

He mentioned that if someone makes a film on the lines of Mouna Raagam, the filmmaker should not say that he hasn't seen the film or denies the inspiration, as the power of social media is so strong. This statement of his was speculated by many saying that he had actually trolled director Atlee as all his three films have been a mish-mash of many previous films.

Clarifying this in his social media, Sinish states, “Balloon PressMeet...okk! High time I clarify. First of all I am just a normal cinema fan who got an opportunity to work in the industry after my fair share of struggles! All what I spoke in the press meet was just out of love for cinemas! My main idea was to convey that I have made my film after being inspired. Many films are done that way only. The only thing which matters is to give credit to whatever has acted as the inspiration! I only wanted to say this and nothing else. I have so far never said anywhere that my movie will be a hit because I know that it is something which audience has to decide after the movie release!! The reason why I am explaining all this now is that I don't want to hurt anyone personally! I have real high regards for Thalapathy and his fans and that’s the reason I have kept his reference in the teaser. Click the Movie button below for more info:


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