'Bang Bang' is a different & better version of 'Knight and Day': Hrithik

Sep 23, 2014 NR

Forthcoming Bollywood action entertainer "Bang Bang" is publicized as the official remake of the Tom Cruise-starrer "Knight and Day", but its lead actor Hrithik Roshan claims it's different and "better".

To a question regarding the quality of the adaptation, the 40-year-old, who's done some daredevil stunts for the movie, said, "This is better, always better. Why would I do something if I know it can't be done any better? Also, it's not the same film."

"If you did not know it was an adaptation while seeing 'Bang Bang', it would not even occur to you that the germ was from 'Knight and Day'. So it's an entirely different film", he added.

Fox Star Studios has produced "Bang Bang", which also stars Katrina Kaif. It will release on Oct 2. Click the Movie button below for more info:
Bang Bang

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