Bhavana to pair with Vinay Forrt

Jul 10, 2015 NR

Bhavana is paired with Vinay Forrt in the upcoming movie titled ‘Hello Namasthe’. The movie is the debut directorial venture of ad filmmaker Jayan K Nair.

The script is penned by Krishna Poojappura. Vinay Forrt and Bhavana play husband and wife. Bhavana is a baker and Vinay Forrt is an RJ.

Mia also does a prominent role along with Bhavana. Sanju Sivaram is the lover and colleague of Mia while Aju Varghese does the role of Mia's fiancé. Mia does the role of an HR Manager.

'Hello Namasthe' is a funny entertainer in which Mukesh, Muthumani, and Soubin Shahir do the other important roles.

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