Blind role in 'Andhaghaaram' won't make audience empathetic: Vinoth Kishan

Aug 12, 2014 IANS

Chennai, Aug 12 (IANS) Actor Vinoth Kishan, who plays a visually challenged character in upcoming Tamil suspense thriller "Andhaghaaram", says the audience won't get to empathise with him in the film as he essays a very strong and positive role.

"I may be playing a blind character but it won't make audiences empathetic. It's an exciting role and quite different from how blind characters are usually portrayed in Indian cinema. The blindness is just a disability here," Vinoth told IANS.

"What's really interesting about the role is that it has a pivotal part to play in the story. I feel audiences will be so engrossed in the film that they'll ignore the fact that I actually play a blind role," he said.

Last seen in a strong negative lead in Tamil thriller "Vidiyum Munn", Vinoth says his character in "Andhaghaaram" is "totally different from what I've played in my last film. It's very positive and you'd be surprised with the importance that's given to it in the story".

Vinoth had to do his homework to pull off the role.

"My director had done a lot of research on blind people and even shot a few videos for preparation. We also met a few blind people and it helped me to a great extent to observe them from close quarters," he said, and added: "Playing the blind character was never physically exhausting".

Although Vinoth was appreciated for his performance in "Vidiyum Munn", he doesn't want to "restrict myself to similar kind of roles. I'm open to anything interesting and challenging".

Directed by Vignarajan, "Andhaghaaram" also features Pooja Ramachandran and Arjun Das.

The film's story revolves around three protagonists from different time periods, but there's a common element that connects them all.

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