Acting like an extra curriculum: 'Gippi' actor Riya Vij

Apr 28, 2013 IANS

Mumbai, April 28 (IANS) Riya Vij, who is debuting with "Gippi", says acting is like "an extra curriculum". Studying to become a dentist, she would take up movie assignments as long as it doesn't affect her academics.

Riya told IANS: "I didn't really think about acting, but when the opportunity came, I grabbed it. I was into studies and want to become a dentist, but this (acting) was a great experience. It's like an extra curriculum, but I really enjoyed it."

"I would still like to become a dentist, but yes, if an opportunity comes, I will grab it. Till the time acting doesn't affect my studies I am okay with it," she added.

A 9th grade student, Riya gets support from her family.

"My family is very open-minded. There were no dos and don'ts. They were as excited as me because it was a new thing. They were supportive."

Produced by Dharma Productions and directed by first time director Sonam Nair, "Gippi", the story of a teenage girl and how she tackles changes in her life, is slated for a May 10 release.

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