I often come to Kolkata secretly: Bipasha

Mar 11, 2013 IANS

Kolkata, March 11 (IANS) Popular Bollywood actress Bipasha Basu Monday said she often makes secret visits to the metropolis to be with her family.

"I keep coming quietly, those are very secretive visits when I don't really want to meet anyone else but the family," said the actress here.

Bipasha, born of Bengali parents, has spent a substantial part of her childhoood in Kolkata. Several members of her family reside in the city.

But she admitted that with Kolkata having grown a lot over the years, she sometimes she finds it difficult to recognise the places.

"Kolkata is where I have grown up, from the age of eight to 16 I've been in Calcutta," Bipasha said, refering to the city's former name, that was changed to Kolkata in 2001.

"But the city has changed a lot, the way the city has grown with a lot of construction, I cannot recognise the places sometimes."

However, she said the crew of her films gorge on Kolkata food.

"What attracts the rest of my people to Calcutta is the food for sure. We go to every city for promotion but in Calcutta we land up eating so much food," she added.

Bipasha, here to promote her upcoming film "Aatma", said currently she was not doing any Bengali film, but would spare a thought if the script turns out to be "unique and very interesting".

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