Not using controversy to promote my film: 'Le Gaya...' director

Nov 8, 2012 IANS

Mumbai, Nov 8 (IANS) "Le Gaya Saddam", a film revolving around remarriage and divorce in Islam, has led to some controversy but director Amjad Khan says he is not making any hullabaloo to promote his film.

"Controversy is a form of art, I don't like it. People feel that controversy helps a film run and some people follow it also. But controversy has never been my agenda, nor will it ever be," he told reporters here.

"If I wanted to create a controversy, I could have done it before the release of the film and that would have helped my film get a good opening," he added.

"Le Gaya Saddam" hit the screens Nov 2 and soon after that a fatwa has been issued by Mufti Haji Abdul Sattar of Jaipur against the movie, the first time against any film in India.

Amjad says he studied the Shariat, the Islamic law, thoroughly before making the film.

"Shariat is the constitution of Muslims. I studied the Shariat, understood it and then made the film. And I am myself a Muslim. But why did this kind of reaction come after 2-3 days of the film's release? It's beyond my understanding," Amjad said.

"Yes, after this news I am getting threatening calls, objectionable comments are being made on blogs, communal talks are happening, provoking each other," Amjad said.

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