Rekha is an ageless beauty: Sharman Joshi

May 8, 2013 IANS

Mumbai, May 8 (IANS) Actor Sharman Joshi describes his "Super Naani" co-star Rekha as an "ageless beauty" and "genius" and says they will even groove together in a song in the film.

"Yes, there are some moves with Rekhaji in the film. We will be grooving in some songs together. It's not like a dance number," Sharman told IANS.

Directed by Indar Kumar, "Super Naani" also features Anupam Kher and Shweta. It is about women's empowerment where a grandson inspires his grandmother (naani) to do something worthwhile in life.

"I can assure that people will not be disappointed, it's a fine script and is looking great. I am sure people are waiting to see Rekha make a comeback. She has chosen to work again on this film and this film won't disappoint the people," said the actor

The lucky actor is working with two veteran actors in the film - Rekha and Randhir Kapoor.

"It was fabulous. Most importantly, I loved seeing Randhir Kapoor and Rekhaji, their relationship was wonderful to watch on the sets. They were so casual with each other. To watch them at work was interesting, and amusing. Rekhaji is professional and genius."

"She is an ageless beauty she still looks so beautiful she is a wonderful co-actor to work with. Randhir Kapoor is very friendly with the entire unit. He speaks his mind. It was a complete learning experience," he added.

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