Sanjay Dutt to again play Pritam Singh

Mar 5, 2013 Subhash K. Jha

Mumbai, March 5 (IANS) Sanjay Dutt has fallen in love with his character of real-life unconventional cop Pritam Singh in "Zilla Ghaziabad". He will now produce a film in which he will again play the notorious real-life cop from Ghaziabad.

The film entitled "Pritam" has been written by the "Zilla Ghaziabad" writer Vinay Sharma.

Confirming the developments, Sharma said: "Yes, Sanjay Dutt has decided to carry the character of the unorthodox cop Pritam Singh forward. He will be playing the same character in a film called 'Pritam', which Dutt saab is producing. I've already written the script."

Sharma, who hails from Ghaziabad, reveals interesting details about Pritam Singh.

"The cop was summoned to Ghaziabad to eliminate the gang war between two powerful groups in the city. Pritam Singh used the criminal Satbir Gujjar, played in the film by Vivek Oberoi, as his right-hand man. Pritam put Satbir into a khaki uniform and used him to eliminate criminals. These and the other characters are very much part of Ghziabad's past history."

Sharma says not even 40 percent of his script for "Zilla Ghaziabad" was shot. The film was directed by Anand Kumar.

"My original script was far more comprehensive and powerful. Key scenes with Mr. Dutt were not shot. Many things went wrong," he said.

However, there's an interesting twist to the tale - Vinod Bachchan, producer of "Zilla Ghaziabad", has planned a sequel to the film. Sharma has already penned part two for "Zilla Ghaziabad".

Given the scenario one wonders how Sanjay can "borrow" the character of the hero in "Zilla Ghaziabad" and use him in another context.

Sharma explained saying that the "script I've written for Sanjay Dutt Productions only features the same cop-hero Pritam Singh. Otherwise, it is a totally different plot from 'Zilla Ghaziabad'."

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