You can't sign a film just based on script: Tena Desae

Dec 16, 2012 IANS

Mumbai, Dec 16 (IANS) Actress Tena Desae, who is gearing up for the release for her new film "Table No.21" says, not just script, it is important for her to understand the entire set-up of the film before signing on the dotted line.

"You can't just base it on a script...the promotional activity of the film is equally important, so until I know the set-up is strong, I don't want to do any film," the actress told IANS.

She admits smaller set-ups today have the best scripts.

"The smaller set-ups have all the good scripts. But when you go to a big set-up, the character may not be as strong as you would want it to be. So I am looking for a character, which is strong and so is the set-up," she said.

At the end of the day, success of the film matters most, rather than individual actors, feels Tena.

"I think it is more about success and failure. If you are a part of a successful film, no one says she is a bad actor. Everyone goes into a project hoping that the script is good and hopes that it transforms the same way on celluloid as well. But no one can predict how it will turn," she said.

Desae made her Bollywood debut with "Yeh Faasley", though the film failed to garner much acclaim at the box office. She was later roped in for a Hollywood project, "The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel".

"'Yeh Faasley' was a good film on script but didn't translate so well on screen...but that is something no one can predict. It is unfortunate, though I learnt so much from the film. That is something I will always be grateful for. 'The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel' was a phenomenal success internationally. In India, few people watched it, but loved it," she said.

With "Table No.21", which releases Jan 4 next year, Tena feels she will enter into the commercial zone.

"This is my first commercial film and it might bring the change and the popularity," she said.

The film features Rajeev Khandelwal and veteran actor Paresh Rawal.

"All of them perform so well with minimal preparation. If I had a high intensity scene, I used to sit in a room and wait, so that I don't lose focus. They would do it so easily. But when you act with good actors, it makes your job easy as well. Your performance is lifted because of their good job," she added.

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