BR Vijayalakshmi on her film Abhiyum Anuvum

Sep 15, 2017 JB

B R Vijayalakshmi who is the daughter of the late legendary director B R Panthulu is the director of the soon to be released love story 'Abhiyum Anuvum'.

She herself is a renowned cinematographer who has worked as the director of photography in 22 movies and has also written the screenplay for the Malayalam movie 'Daddy'. She holds the credit of becoming the first woman cinematographer in Asia. Having already proved her creative brilliance she has now directed a bold and beautiful love story 'Abhiyum Anuvum'.

About her film, Vijayalakshmi says, “Abhiyum Anuvum is based on a true story that happened in Latin America. This is a very bold but beautifully told love saga. Our lead pair, Tovino Thomas and Pia Bajpai have lived the characters given to them and have pulled off such a soulful performances. The supporting cast of Suhasini, Prabhu, Rohini and Manobala has delivered their best. This huge package of artiste list will give this film a huge boost in terms of visibility”. Click the Movie button below for more info:
Abhiyum Anuvum


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