Can't do both films and TV simultaneously, says Vikram Bhatt

Sep 10, 2014 NR

Veteran film-maker and TV shows-director-host Vikram Bhatt, famous for creating shows and films with horror and supernatural elements in them, says he can't successfully handle both films and TV simultaneously.

He has had a tryst with television - as the director of "Haunted Nights" and as the host of "Ishq Kills". But the filmmaker, who is presently awaiting the release of his movie "Creature 3D" this Friday, says he can't manage work in two mediums at the same time.

"I could not achieve much in TV, but I could have achieved much more in it. I know TV is doing well these days, but I will do TV only when I can give my 100 percent to it. I can't do both films and TV simultaneously", Vikram said recently.

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