Censor Cuts List of Oka Laila Kosam

Oct 16, 2014 NR

Naga Chaitanya is all set to test his luck once again at the box office this Friday with his next, Oka Laila Kosam. The 150 minutes long film has positive report and has attained U/A certificate from the Regional Censor Board Office in Hyderabad. Here are the list of cuts suggested to the film:

1. Delete the visuals of - a) lip lock in the background in the song (digitally blotted the visual); b) Deleted the visuals of in between leg exposure in sitting posture in the 1st song (replaced with approved shots...same duration).

2 Deleted the visuals of hero's hand on the breast of the heroine in white dress in the song (replaced with approved shots... same duration).  Click the Movie button below for more info:
Oka Laila Kosam


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