Charmila's action avatar in ‘Kurunari'

Mar 24, 2023 KKR

Actress Charmila is returning to Malayalam after a hiatus and this time, the actress will be seen play an action-oriented role in the film, titled ‘Kurunari’. She will portray a strong and bold character in the movie.

Written and directed by Harris K Ismail, the film features Vishnu G Nath and Biji Biju in the lead roles. It is produced by Vishnu G Nath and has cinematography by Lipin Narayanan. It also features newcomers Sijo Sajad, Deepthi Manoj, Vishnu KC, Muhsin Bapu, Shibu Vilavinal, Aju George Varghese, Asmin Sudhir, Ambili and Chippy Thilakan.

Shifkath Rafi has written the lyrics and also composed music. Anoop is the editor of this film and its shooting is currently going on at Chavara, Kollam. Click the Movie button below for more info:


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