Chris Hemsworth talks about fame, fortune and superficiality of Hollywood

Jan 21, 2015 NR

“Thor” actor Chris Hemsworth feels fame and fortune aren't all that they're made out to be. He says it's being a husband and a father that bring him the utmost satisfaction.

"You get to Hollywood, you achieve something and then you realise, 'S**t, it didn't actually bring me the happiness I thought it was going to. It didn't fix anything," the 31-year-old told GQ Australia magazine's February 2015 issue.

“Look, I mean I don't wake up, look in the mirror and go, 'Yep, all is perfect'," he added.

Ironically, it was Hemsworth's work in a smaller film that showcased his true talents.

“Everything shifted for me after 'Rush'. It wasn't as financially successful as other things I'd done, but it gave me more movement, more options, more doors opening, more meetings,” he said of diversifying his film resume from “Thor”, “The Avengers” and “Thor: The Dark World”.

“All of a sudden, it's, 'Oh, wow! You're an actor!'", he said.

Hemsworth, who currently stars in “Blackhat” and will next be seen in “The Avengers: Age of Ultron”, recognises that the movie industry can be superficial at times.

“It's bulls**t. I remember how differently people treated me when things went well. Some directors and producers who never gave a s**t at best, they'd have given me a sideways glance. Next time I saw them, they're my best friend. That's gross,” he added. Click the Movie button below for more info:


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