Complete the title and become an actor

Jan 6, 2016 NR

Jude Anthany Joseph is getting ready to start his new project. The new project will have the same team of ‘Om Santhi Osana’.

Jude announced on his Facebook page that he is offering a chance to act in his next film. The title of the new movie is abbreviated as ‘OMG’. The one who predicts the correct name of the film will get a chance to act in the movie without any audition.

Dear friends, Jude here. I thank each and every one for watching OSO and making it a super hit. I am really happy to announce that we are ready with our next project with the same team. Here is an offer for you. ‘OMG’ , this is the abbreviation of our next movie. The one who predicts the exact name will be given a chance to act!!

Yes you heard it right.

A chance to act, without an audition.

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Oru Muthassi Gadha


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