Devadas Final Total Collections

Oct 27, 2018 NR

King Nagarjuna and Natural Star Nani's Devadas has completed its full run at the box office and the movie has ended up as a big flop. The Worldwide Theatricals of the movie were valued at 38 Crore but the film has managed to collect just around 26 Crore which means around 12 Crore loss to the trade. Here is the breakup of Devadas Final Total Collections:

Nizam: 7.74 Crore

Ceeded: 3.12 Crore

Uttarandhra: 2.78 Crore

East: 1.48 Crore

West: 1.09 Crore

Krishna: 1.55 Crore

Guntur: 1.78 Crore

Nellore: 0.75 Crore

Nizam + AP: 20.29 Crore

USA: 2.32 Crore

Karnataka: 2.45 Crore

Rest: 1.17 Crore

Total WW: 26.23 Crore Share Approx. Click the Movie button below for more info:


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