Direction is not an easy job, buddy! - Saif

Nov 17, 2014 NR

Actor-producer Saif Ali Khan has no immediate plans to get into direction, and he thinks it is lot of hard work without sufficient pay.

"Direction is a lot of hard work and you don't get money. Tomorrow, if I am not a star, I will get into it. It's an interesting job, but very difficult", Saif, who is currently busy promoting his film "Happy Ending", told reporters.

He wants to explore more as an actor.

"I would like to do a thriller and comedies. We should do what suits us. I can't do what everyone is doing", said the suave star.

The 44-year-old will also be seen in Kabir Khan's next film "Phantom" with Katrina Kaif.

"I am glad that Kabir offered me the film. It's a great film. My role is extremely different in 'Phantom'. I am extremely happy the way it has shaped up so far", Saif said. Click the Movie button below for more info:
Happy Ending

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