Director Gouthaman's next titled 'Maveera'

Sep 12, 2022 KKR

Director V. Gouthaman, who is known for films like 'Kanave Kalaiyathe' and Magizhchi,' has announced his next film. The film, titled 'Maveera', will be about Tamil valour and virtues of yore. Scripted by the director himself, the film is produced by V.K Production Group.

According to Gowthaman, the movie will be highlighting the heroism, virtue and warmth of the Tamils. Vetrivel Mahendran is handling the cinematography of 'Maveera'.

Balamurali Varman is penning the dialogues, Mayapandi does the art direction, 'Stunt' Silva choreographs the fights, Raja Mohammed is in charge of editing. The details of cast will be announced soon. Click the Movie button below for more info:


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