Director Siddique is no more

Aug 8, 2023 KKR

Popular filmmaker and scenarist Siddique, who has directed the trendsetting ‘Ramji Rao Speaking’ and the cult film ‘Godfather’, passed away in Kochi on Tuesday night. He was 63.

Siddique had been undergoing treatment for liver-related ailments at a private hospital. He was also afflicted with pneumonia. Later, he suffered a heart attack which eventually led to the deterioration of his health.

Starting their collaboration in ‘Ramji Rao Speaking,’ the director duo Siddique-Lal went on to helm a string of hit films laced with wit and family drama. Apart from ‘Ramji Rao Speaking,’ which became a trendsetter in the industry, their major hits include ‘In Harihar Nagar’, ‘Godfather’, ‘Vietnam Colony’, and ‘Kabooliwala.’

After parting from Lal, Siddique directed films like ‘Hitler,’ ‘Friends’, ‘Chronic Bachelor’, ‘Bodyguard’, ‘Ladies & Gentleman’, ‘Fukri’, ‘Bhaskar The Rascal’ and ‘Big Brother’. He has also directed Tamil films such as ‘Friends’, ‘Kaavalan’, ‘Engal Anna’, and ‘Sadhu Miranda’. Mohanlal-starrer ‘Big Brother’ (2020) was his last film as director.

Noted for their impeccable and innocuous humour, his earlier films are still able to sustain their evergreen status. Coming from Kalabhavan’s stage shows, Siddique was a mimicry artiste and he was an adept in creating situational humour in his films.

Siddique is survived by his wife and three children. Click the Movie button below for more info:
Big Brother


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