Director Vijay appreciates Visaranai

Sep 21, 2015 JB

Director ALVijay happened to watch Vetri Maaran’s Visaranai and had issued an appreciative letter to the media which goes as follows:

“Watched director Vetri Maaran's Visaranai in the U S. It is one of the best films made in India. Director Vetri Maaran has created his master piece. I became speechless after watching the film. It’s a HARD HITTING film. The way he has handled the story, screenplay and especially the characterizations of the cast was spectacular.

Everyone in the film was so real. Big applause to actor Dinesh, Samuthirakani, DOP Ramalingham and other cast and crew. I feel this film is going to create huge impact in all aspects. It’s going to remain as identity for Indian cinema to rest of the world. Hats off to Vetri Maaran and his entire team! It's going to be a proud moment for Tamil cinema, as being part of this industry I feel so lucky to have watched it in advance. It’s a MUST WATCH film. Don't ever miss the film in theaters when it releases. It’s going to be HARD HITTING experience”. Click the Movie button below for more info:


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