Dochey Story Leaked?

Apr 22, 2015 NR

Akkineni Naga Chaitanya is arriving this Friday with Dochey. The movie had completed its censor formalities last week and got a clean U. Here is the story of Dochey we got from our sources in Censor Board.

"The movie opens in a popular hotel where two crooks Raghu and Bharath (Raviteja Brothers) sit comfortably and share the looted money of 25 Crore and then they find the calling bell ringing. The scene ends there and then the director leads us to the actual story - Rao Ramesh is a honest cab driver who works hard to take care of his family needs.

One day, he gets arrested for a robbery (he did not commit) leaving his family problems on to the shoulders of his son, Naga Chaitanya who turns a conman (cheater) to fund his sister's medicine fee and money to get his father released.

One day he meets the Personal Assistant of the home minister who agrees to show him a big way to get huge money but for the commission of 2 Crore.

He asks Chaitanya to come for a popular hotel in a city for discussing the plan. Up on reaching there, Chaitanya finds the two rooms with same number, he rings the bell of one room and then he finds Raghu and Bharath counting notes (Opening scene of the movie). Raghu and Bharath kill each other shooting out of confusion. The looted money is all for Chaitanya to enjoy. There is a love track with Kriti Sanon and comedy track with Brahmanandham (as Bullet Raja) which are of no great significance in the story Click the Movie button below for more info:


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