Will, Jaden professional, fun family: Shyamalan

Jun 2, 2013 IANS

Mumbai, June 2 (IANS) Hollywood director M. Night Shyamalan, who is ready with his latest film "After Earth", praises the cast of Will Smith and his son Jaden and says the two are "very professional" and were "meticulous on the shoot".

"They were great. They are a fun family. They are entertaining to be around. They are very professional and meticulous on the shoot. It was a great experience for everybody," Shyamalan told IANS on phone from London in an exclusive interview.

Talking about how he came on board, the Indian-origin Hollywood director said: "It was an unusual beginning. There was a call from Will and he was wishing me happy birthday. He told me a story idea for his son and I thought that it was a great opportunity for me to tell a story, which was close to me and so, we got together," he said.

An expert in making different type of thrillers, he has directed films such as "Signs", "Unbreakable", "The Village" and "The Sixth Sense".

The genre is a great opportunity to talk about things people believe in, he feels.

"I think it is a great opportunity to talk about how people believe in things and what they have faith (in) and what that feels like, without talking directly about it," he said.

"After Earth" is set for a June 7 release and he is neither bogged down by past successes and nor feels any pre-release pressure.

"Each film has its own audience and intention. They are all meaningful to me, but they may not reach every person. If I choose to make a strong romance, then I know I will not get older men. But that should not stop me," he said.

"Each one has its own expectations. In the artist and commerce equation, I try to stay in the artist's chair," added Shyamalan.

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