Experiment must for Ekta Kapoor

Oct 3, 2013 IANS

Mumbai, Oct 3 (IANS) Producer Ekta Kapoor earned flak when she experimented with historical character Akbar in her TV show "Jodha Akbar", but she says she can't make anything without experimenting.

"I don't know if people will accept it or not, but if I don't experiment, then I won't be able to accept that about me," the 38-year-old told reporters here at a "Jodha Akbar" press meet.

"I failed miserably in 'Mahabharata', I am admitting to that because I did experiment with the human journey of all those characters," she added.

In 2008, Ekta launched "Kahaani Hamaaray Mahaabhaarat Ki", which was shut down only after four months.

"But that is a mythology and somewhere people were not OK to accept mythology humanised. But this ('Jodha Akbar') is historical and I am openly saying we have fictionalised it," she added.

"Jodha Akbar" stars Paridhi Sharma as Jodha and Rajat Tokas as Akbar. It comes on Zee TV Monday to Friday at 8 p.m.

Ekta states they have stressed more on the love story between Jodha and Akbar.

"We haven't put a lot of the truth because we thought it would not be appropriate. So we have tried to bring out the love in the story, which is what makes it so beautiful. As a creator, keeping all the research in mind, took the liberty to bring out the Akbar that I thought would be at 21," she said.

"Jodha Akbar" went on air June 18 this year and faced protest from Sri Rajput Karni Sena (SRKS) for allegedly distorting facts.

Controversy is not new to Ekta.

She said: "There is some controversial planet hovering over my head. I seriously don't know what's happening. Last six months I have done everything in my power to avoid a controversy. But as I said, there is some controversial planet over my head," she said.

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