FEFSI strike, shootings stopped

Aug 2, 2017 JB

The ongoing tussle between the FEFSI (Film Employees Federation of South India) and TFPC (Tamil Film Producer Council) has resulted in a strike called by the former resulting in the stoppage of shootings of many films.

With most of 24 film unions participating in the strike, work on movies such as Superstar Rajinikanth’s Kaala and Vijay’s Mersal had to be stopped. Addressing the media, President of FEFSI, RK Selvamani said that they are not responsible for this and stated, “The Tamil Film Producers Council said that they won’t work with the FEFSI, which is why we had to resort to a strike. We didn’t call for the strike. They refused to work with us. We are hoping they will call us for talks.”

With the TFPC threatening to recruit workers from outside the State, Selvamani said that workers from other unions would not be able to work here. He also mentioned, “The announcement made by the TFPC that they won’t work with the FEFSI must be reversed. The wages that were agreed upon should not be reduced. The so-called ‘general conditions’ should be properly discussed. If they agree to the first demand, we can sit and talk about the other two.” Click the Movie button below for more info:


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