Ganesh Venkatraman's next is a cyber crime thriller

Mar 25, 2017 JB

Ganesh Venkatraman who made his debut in Radha Mohan’s Abhiyum Naanum has been a part of many meaningful films such as Unnai Pol Oruvan, Thani Oruvan and Ivan Vera Maadhiri to name some.

Now he will be seen as a cop in a cyber crime thriller called Inayathalam which talks about the plus and minus of internet, social media and their repercussions. The film is directed by Shankar and Suresh and the latter is said to have a wide knowledge on networking and hacking. Shwetha Menon and Erode Mahesh play cyber crime officers.

About the film, Ganesh says, “Inayathalam talks about social media obsession and how it affects our life. Though social media is meant to connect people, it has also become a medium where veracity of statements is dubious, and has led to a mindset of intellectual illiteracy”. Click the Movie button below for more info:

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