'Gayathri is special to me', Ann

Aug 27, 2013 SV

Actress Ann Augustine is keeping her fingers crossed as her latest movie ‘Artist’ directed by Shyamaprasad is getting released on August 30.

She has not signed any new project and has made it clear that she will think of new movies only after the release of ‘Artist’.

Ann essays the role of a fine arts student Gayathri in the movie and Fahad is the hero.

Ann says that doing the movie was like appearing for an exam and she lived the character of Gayathri during the shoot of the movie. As part of the preparations for the shoot, the actress used to rehearse the dialogues the previous night of the shoot itself. The actress has also mentioned that it took her sometime to come out of the character’s mindset even after the shooting was over.

Ann also reveals that after her role as Elsamma, it is Gayathri which is very close to her heart and the role is very special to her.

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