Good films work beyond trends: Raja Murugan

Feb 17, 2014 IANS

Chennai, Feb 17 (IANS) Trends don't affect the response to "good films", says director Raja Murugan, who is awaiting the release of his Tamil directorial debut "Cuckoo", a love story of two blind characters.

"I don't believe in trends and even if there is any such thing like that in the industry, good films need not worry because they are accepted irrespective of the time and trend," Murugan told IANS.

"If a film is made with confidence and is good then it is automatically received well by audience," he added.

He says "trend" is a business-related term in cinema.

"Trend has nothing to do with audience's preference for a film. Trends are usually associated with the business of cinema. If in a particular season, romantic films do well, then it's ascertained that the business of romantic films is good in that time period. Some of these films might fail as well if they are not good," he added.

He believes "Cuckoo" need not worry about the current trend in the film industry.

"Audience never asks you what kind of film they want. They see what you give them and if it's good then they make it successful. Mine is an honest and cute film about the love story between two blind characters.

"I'm not worried about the trend and I'm hoping that audience will like my film," he said.

Starring Dinesh and Malavika Nair in the lead, "Cuckoo" is produced by Fox Star Studios. It is gearing up for release in summer. Click the Movie button below for more info:


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