Gopi Sundar works with Jayachandran

Sep 28, 2013 sv

Music director Gopi Sundar recently collaborated with singer Jayachandran for a melody, Olenjali Kuruvi for Abrid Shine’s upcoming movie, 1983. Hari Narayanan has penned the lyrics for the song.

Jayachandran has sung the song with Vani Jayaram and according to Gopi Sundar, Jayachandran’s singing was very soulful. Gopi Sundar is bowled over by the singer’s dedication and commitment.

It has to be recalled that the singer was apprehensive about the music director’s song, Appangalembadum, and has even criticized it. Now it is heard that Jayachadran has expressed his regret about his criticism towards the song and has even expressed the same to director VK Prakash.

1983 is a movie about how the cricket world cup win has influenced a village in Kerala. Click the Movie button below for more info:


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