Gopi Sunder bags National Award

Mar 24, 2015 NR

Musician Gopi Sunder bags the National Award for the Best Background Score for the movie ‘1983’. Both the music composition and the background score for the movie was done by Gopi Sunder.

Abrid Shine’s ‘1983’ featuring Nivin Pauly in the lead role was one of the super hit movies of 2014.

Gopi Sunder made his film entry through Rosshen Andrews’ ‘Notebook’. Later he composed music for a number of movies including ‘Big B’, ‘Mission 90 Days’, ‘Sagar Elias Jacky’, ‘Seniors’, ‘Mallu Singh’, ‘Anwar’, ‘Ustad Hotel’, ‘Sound Thoma’ ‘ABCD’, ‘Anju Sundarikal’ and ‘Ring Master’.

Apart from Gopi Sunder, Joshi Mangalath won best screenplay award for ‘Ottal’ and actor-director Siddarth Siva’s ‘Ain’ won the Best Malayalam Feature Film award.

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