Govindhudu Andaru Vaadele Fifth day collections

Oct 6, 2014 NR

Mega Power Star Ram Charan's Govindhudu Andari Vaadele had a Super Sunday. The film has amassed 3.25 Crore on the Sunday taking the total tally to 23 Crore plus share in the Telugu States. Here is the breakup of Govindhudu Andaru Vaadele Fifth day collections:

Nizam - 1.21 Crore

Ceded - 72 Lakhs

Uttarandhra - 35.17 Lakhs

Guntur - 25.27 Lakhs

Krishna - 22.32 Lakhs

West - 16 Lakhs

East - 20.82 Lakhs

Nellore - 12.05 Lakhs

5th day Total: 3.25 Crore Click the Movie button below for more info:
Govindhudu Andhari Vaadele


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