Hip Hop Adhi's Sait song removed

Nov 25, 2016 JB

Music composer Hip Hop Adhi is making his debut as an actor, director, screenplay writer and dialogue writer with his maiden venture, Meesaya Murukku. The music director has already released two songs from his film, which have received a great reception from the audience.

Out of the two songs, the first promo song, Saitji, became a viral hit and celebrities including director Shankar termed the song hilarious. However, the song didn’t go down well with certain sections of the audience which forced the team to remove it from YouTube.

In his social media page, Hip Hop Tamizha said, “The promo music video "SAITJI" released recently from the movie "Meesaya Murukku" became an instant viral hit. Everyone termed it as a humorous song and enjoyed it. However, our producer received a notice stating that the song is aimed at a specific community by addressing them as Sait Ji. But the word "Saitji" has no references or meaning and it is a common name or word used to denote "A BOSS" or a "Higher Up". We also meant that way. A specific group of people expressed that it hurts their sentiments, Hence it is decided to remove the video from YouTube. p.s. Dear Fans, relax. SEIVOM” Click the Movie button below for more info:
Meesaya Murukku


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