Hope we get another title for 'Pratichhaya': Sreyas Talapade

Jul 1, 2016 IANS

Mumbai: Actor-producer Sreyas Talapade is not very happy with the "Pratichhaya" title of his upcoming movie hopes the makers get an alternative.

When the movie was in the making, the working title of the movie was "Mirror Image" followed by "Parchayee" which was liked by all the actors. Finally, the name of the movie was changed and registered as "Pratichhaya".

"Honestly, I had loved the name 'Mirror Image'. Then I was a little okay with the name 'Parchayee', and I am not okay with the name 'Pratichhaya' at all. So I just hope that we get some other title for the film," Sreyas said here.

In the film, Sreyas plays the role of the eldest brother in a family. His character isn’t really involved in the family's matters, but an email from his brother turns his world upside down.

Commenting on Sreyas's views on the title, director Mukesh Jadhav said: "We had already looked for different titles like 'Mirror image' and 'Parchayee'. But they are all booked by other producers. There was one title which we considered... That was ‘Aks’. But there already is a movie there by that name.

"So the entire unit didn’t want to repeat it. So the only title which was left with this concept of mirror image or reflection was 'Pratichhaya', which actually is a Sanskrit title."

Jadhav added that a title change is not just facilitated with the permission of a film's producer but also from the film production unions.

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