I don't believe in censorship: Sonam Kapoor

Mar 3, 2017 Ians

Mumbai: Actress Sonam Kapoor says that she doesn't believe in censorship and that everyone should have his or her own choice of outfit or sexuality or marriage.

Speaking about restrictions on women's fashion choices in the Indian society, Sonam said: "I don't believe in censorship. Everybody should have their own choices in whether they want to wear a burkha or a bikini."

"Same goes with the choice of their religion, the way they want to dress, preference of sexuality, decisions on their education and marriage. The more you censor someone there will be more rebellions out there," added the actress, who launched wine brand Chandon's party anthem "The party starter" here on Thursday.

"We are supposed to be the largest democracy in the world so, each one should have the right to lead their life according to their choices."

Sonam, who was lauded for her performance in the critically-acclaimed film "Neerja", also took a dig at critics.

Asked if in future she would like to lend her voice in her movies, the actress replied: "I can't sing. If I start singing, then all will say 'Pehle toh acting nahi aati thi, ab gaana bhi nahi aata. (First, she couldn't act and now she can't sing as well). After so much effort she has got only two or three awards.' So, I don't want to sing at all."

"I sang in 'Delhi-6', but nobody remembers," added Sonam, who has films like "Padman" and "Veerey Di Wedding" in her kitty.

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