I never said anything about Simbu- Srikanth

Aug 17, 2015 JB

Simbu’s Vaalu finally released on the 14th of August and has been received with a mixed response from the public. While his fans have lapped up the film, for the rest of the audience, the film did not much satisfy.

Vaalu is reported to be full of eulogizing Thala Ajith and there are talks that Simbu wanted to capitalize on the huge fan base of Ajith to make his film a success.

There were also tweets reported to be from actor Srikanth’s account which were said to criticize this. Refuting this Srikanth says, “I don’t have a Twitter account and there is no need for me to talk ill about Simbu or his film. In fact Simbu is a good friend of mine. I am very sure, someone who did not have the courage to speak his mind has misused my name. I request people not to believe this”. Click the Movie button below for more info:


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