'I will not align with Rajinikanth if he supports BJP', Kamal Haasan

Feb 12, 2018 JB

Its old news that Superstar Rajinikanth and Ulganayagan Kamal Haasan have decided to enter politics and each one of them is taking steps ahead in the pursuit of their political goal. While Rajinikanth recently mentioned that the system in Tamil Nadu needs to be corrected, Kamal Haasan had been to the US to meet people to discuss about development in Tamil Nadu.

Kamal Haasan at the annual Indian conference of the prestigious Harvard University, clarified a few issues. When he was asked if he would keep an alliance with Rajinikanth, the Dasavatharam hero quipped, “I hope Rajini's colour is not saffron. Alliance with Rajini is unlikely if his colour is saffron”. He further added, "The true purpose today is to challenge the status quo and mediocrity in politics, that is plaguing the state of Tamil Nadu."

Confident of raising funds for the elections, Kamal called upon the Tamil community across the world to come up with ideas. He is planning a major announcement on February 21

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